Contractors Set Up IR35 Group to Organize Resistance – Join Up

Contractors Set Up IR35 Group
Contractors Set Up IR35 Group

Contractors Set Up IR35 Group

It’s not surprising that contractors set up IR35 group to discuss the effects of IR35 and what they can do about it. The Government and HMRC are changing the IR35 rules in the private sector. They previously did this in the public sector.

The Government has sworn to get more contractors to pay the full rate of tax. Indeed both Treasury Minister and HMRC have recently said that there is only 10% compliance in this area. So contractors are organizing to fight back.

Questions on Why Contractors Set Up IR35 Group

  1. How did the IR35 Group start?
  2. Where is the IR35 Group for contractors?
  3. What is the Strategy?
  4. What is the Purpose of the IR35 Group?

How Did the IR35 Group Start

The same thing was happening to contractors across different companies. In recent weeks several in the banking sector, Barclays Bank, Lloyds Bank, HSBC and Morgan Stanley decided to put blanket bans on hiring contractors.

They gave their contractors three options:-

  1. Leave
  2. Take a permanent job (if wanted)
  3. Join an umbrella company or Managed Service Provider

So, contractors need to organize and keep each other informed

Where is the IR35 Group for Contractors

The Group started on WhatsApp but WhatsApp has a maximum group number of 255 – and they managed to get over 100 in just the first few days.

So, they’ve decided to swap it over to Telegram which is similar but can cater for thousands in any one group.

What is the Strategy

There’s a twofold strategy:-

  1. Set up a group using Telegram which anyone can join.
  2. Set up a closed LinkedIn Group which is just for contractors

As we have a closed group for contractors only already with almost 2,000 contractors on it, it was decided to use that for any private discussions between contractors.

So contractors can join one or both. For the open Telegram group freelancers must join up to Telegram – but that’s easy enough. Just click on Contractors IR35 Group

To join the closed LinkedIn IR35 contractor group just click on UK Contractor Freelance Network and ask to be Accepted. This one is strictly for UK contractors only. It means that they can chat freely.

What is the Purpose of the IR35 Group

Who knows what may come out of this. It may become an effective lobbying body for contractors. However, in the beginning its is about sharing info on what is happening at different companies about UR35. It is also about the options open to contractors.

It started off with bank contractors However, all are free to join.

So, join up.

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    1. There is already a well established anti IR35 group (which defends freelancers on IR35 and many other issues ) in existence – please join that, don’t dilute opposition.
      The group is called The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed

      • I think it is because of the abject failure of IPSE to lobby successfully that there is a need for a new group. IPSE (PCG) were set up to get IR35 abolished How well do you think they are doing?


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