Contractors IR35 Petition Forces Government to Respond

Contractors IR35 Petition
Contractors IR35 Petition

Contractors IR35 Petition

It looks like the contractors IR35 petition will now force the Government to respond.

A petition asking the Government not to put the IR35 changes that they forced on the public sector into practice in the private sector too has now been signed by 10,000 people..

A Budget leak to The Times and Financial Tims newspaper suggested that the Government intend to do just that.

Contractor Petition

The petition says:-

Do not extend IR35 legislation to the private sector.

“There is evidence that the Chancellor is planning to extend IR35 legislation to the private sector in an attempt to equalise the payments and tax regimes between contractors and permanent employees. Contractors take considerable risk in their financial stability and can be without work for weeks.”

This has now amassed 10,000 signatures.

Now the Government must respond to it.

Government Response

At 10,000 they must respond. At 100,000 they must debate it in Parliament.

So, they, at least, know that 10,000 freelancers and friends oppose the action that they are proposing to take.

This may or may not make a difference to them.

However, when Chancellors leak Budget items to the press beforehand it is usually to guage reaction to it.

They did this with the National Insurance increase for contractors earlier this year.

It was withdrawn after a furore when it was pointed out by heir own backbenchers that they had promised not to do this in their Manifesto.

New IR35 Measure

The Governmnt now know what 10,000 of their citizens think about this new IR35 measure.

It is to be hoped that they pause to reconsider this.

There was no promise not to implement it in their manifesto.

However, they now know that contractors will kick up a stink if they implement this.

This may, or may not, make a difference to them.

Let’s hope it does.

Click on the contractor IR35 petition here if you want to add your name to – Contractor Petiotion.

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