Contractors IR35 March on Parliament to Protest Off-Payroll Tax

Contractors IR35 Abolition Petition - Contractors IR35 march
Contractors IR35 Abolition Petition - Stop IR35 now

Contractors IR35 March

There will be a contractors IR35 march on Parliament to get the Government to think again over the off-payroll tax known as IR35. The march will take place on July 9tth. All UK contractors are invited to come and lobby their MPs. It is hoped to get the off-payroll tax reversed or at least the latest changes coming to the private sector to stop. The want those changes reversed in the public sector too.

Contractors Questions on the IR35 March

What is the Off Payroll Tax?

What are the recent changes to the Off-Payroll Tax?

Why do Contractors want the Off-Payroll Tax reversed?

When is the Contractors IR35 March on Parliament?

What is the Contractors IR35 March on Parliament Timetable?

What is the Off-Payroll Tax

It is what the Government are now calling IR35. The Government implemented IR35 in 1999 to deal with people who left their jobs at companies on a Friday re-appearing as contractors on the Monday doing exactly the same job. It was better tax wise for both. However, the Government rightly saw them as disguised employees rather than proper contractors in business on their own account.

What are the Recent Changes to the Off-Payroll Tax

The changes in the Off-Payroll Tax came into being in the public sector in 2017. The Government intend putting them into the private sector too in April 2020.

The main change is on who decides a contractor’s IR35 status. It used to be the contractor who decided this. If he, or she, was wrong they could be hit with an IR35 investigation from HMRC. This could cost them tens of thousands in back tax, interest and penalties.

Now the Government say that the person and company hiring the contractor is now to decide the contractor’s IR35 status. To intimidate them, HMRC and the Government are saying that if they get it wrong they may have to pay the contractor’s back tax, interest and penalties. As a result, some squeamish firms are no longer going to take on limited company contractors

Why do Contractors Want the Off-Payroll Tax Reversed?

Contractors want the off-payroll tax reversed because they believe that they are genuine freelancers, in business on their own account. They do not believe that they are disguised employees as the Government calls them. They do not believe that they are the ‘synthetic self-employed’ as the Chancellor called them.

As they are not considered as disguised employees for any other purpose but for taxation, contractors want to be treated like small businessmen and businesswomen. After all they don’t get any of the benefits a permanent employee would get.

When is the Contractors IR35 March on Parliament

The contractors IR35 march on Parliament will take place on July 9th. All contractors are asked to come along and help lobby their MPS. It is a perfect time to do this when a new Prime Minister and new Chancellor are about to take office.

What is the Contractors IR35 March on Parliament Timetable?

The contractors IR35 march on Parliament Timetable is as Follows:-

14.15 Campaigners meet outside Houses of Parliament (St Stephen’s entrance)
14.30 -15.00 Protest with placards (provided)
15.00 -15.15 Campaigners walk to HM Treasury to present letter
15.30 onwards Campaigners go to visitor’s entrance and into the Houses of Parliament
15.45 -16.45 Campaigners gather in central Lobby to meet MPs
16.45 -17.00 Campaigners escorted to MacMillian room
17.00 -18.00 Drop in with MPs hosted by Paul Sweeney

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