Contractor told he must sign up to Data Protection Act do you need to?


We received this from a worried contractor:-

Dear Sir or Madam,

I wonder if you can help with a particular query I have with regards to The Data Protection Act.

I am a contractor and I operate through a two person limited company (me and my secretary).

I have just received a letter from the Data Processing Protection Corporation with regards to notification under the Data Protection Act 1998.

The forms in question are DP1 and DP2. It is difficult to determine whether I am exempt or not. In your experience (or those of fellow contractors) would a “”normal”” contractor limited company like mine have to register for this. The cost is £95.

Your help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

Xxx Xxxxxxxx

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Hi Xxx,

I’m told that there is a scam going round at the moment and the people involved are nothing to do with the Data Protection Act people.

The Information Commissioner, on the DTi site warns:-

‘It has come to our attention that individuals posing as “”collectors on behalf of data protection”” are attending business premises requesting payment for Data Protection Registration. These “”collectors”” may even produce identification cards and receipt books.

There is no connection between the Information Commissioner and such individuals. The Commissioner advises those approached in this way not to make any payment and to notify the local police’.

The Commissioner also warns:-

‘Other than paying the annual statutory notification fee of £35, on which no VAT is payable, there is no charge made by this office to any data controller wishing to notify.

‘Data controllers should ignore any approach made by the following businesses, who appear to be charging upto £95 + VAT for notification.

There is no connection between these businesses and the Information Commissioner’s Office’

Here‘s your Company

On the site, the Information Commissioner gives a list of those companies who are involved in the scam, and one of those on the list is:-

‘Data Processing Protection Corporation
DPPC, PO Box 56, Guisborough. TS14 6WT’

The answer is that ordinary contractors don’t have to register with the Data Protection Act, and they certainly don’t have to pay out 95 quid for the privilege of doing so.

Ignore this letter.

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