Contractor, Alan Brill of Larkstar, loses 7 year IR35 battle with Taxman


Alan Brill

HMRC, who earn a measly £9.2m a year from IR35, hardly worth the bother for all the hassle and harassment caused to contractors and all the effort expended by their inspectors, have add a measly £129.79 to their total after a 7 year battle with Alan Brill of Larkstar.

Never has someone been more appropriately named.

It seems that, although Alan wants to fight on he doesn’t want to cause further stress to his family and has now retired.


He has been fighting since 2003 at Tribunals, High Court Hearings and Appeals.

Now HMRC have agreed to close the case.


After Alan made his final pension payment and some bank charges HMRC will be able to help themselves to whatever is left of the £129.79 that is left in the account ‒ which is likely to be about £10 a year for each year the investigation went on.

He has made monkeys of them.

As there are around 300,000 IT Contractors in the UK and at least the same again of other contractors and freelancers it looks as if the Government are extracting less than £15 a year per contractor from IR35 ‒ which equates to about 30p a week.

What a load of wasted effort.


The PCG will add this case to the others in their efforts to get rid of this tax from which so little benefit comes to the Government.

The positions of the parties in the election appear to be that Labour will keep it in place, the Tories will ‘look at it again’ and the Lib Dems will abolish it according to their various pledges.

Hopefully the Lib Dems will insist on its abolition as part of any deal to go into coalition with the others.


Maybe that’s where the PCG should concentrate its lobbying efforts over the next two weeks and try to extract that promise ‒ which they can put to contractors for the Lib Dems’ benefit.

They have already sent a Press Release during the election period saying that the Conservatives will ‘look at IR35 again’.

How much more would they want to send out a Press Release in favour of a party who said that they will abolish it and who would hopefully make that as one of their ‘must haves’ for going into coalition with one of the other parties.

There’s a lot of votes potentially at stake for them here in this close fought election.