Contractor Well-being Study Needs Freelancers Workplace Experiences

Contractor Well-being Study
Contractor Well-being Study

Contractor Well-being Study

A young Organisational Psychology student, Dilek, from City University of London, has contacted us about a dissertation she is doing in a Contractor Well-being study.

She says:-

I am currently an MSc student in Organisational Psychology, and I am working on my dissertation project addressing contractors’ well-being. I am seeking contractor (or freelancer) participants to complete an anonymous 10 mins survey which can be found attached below.

What is Contractor Well-being Study About?

So, What is Dilek’s contractor well-being study all about?

She says:-

My research project has been designed to assess the impact of work demands (e.g. work overload), resources (e.g. autonomy) and personal characteristics on temporary employees’ well-being.

What are the Aims of the Study

The primary aims of the project are as follows:

  • To explore contractors’ experiences.
  • To understand the personal characteristics and aspects of work that impacts contractors’ well-being.
  • To provide contractors (and organisations) with information on the importance of personal characteristics and work resources for maintaining well-being.

Click on the following link to do the short survey. It could really open eyes among companies who employ contractors.

Temporary Employees Well-being Study

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