Contractor Opinion Poll – IR35 / NHS / Brexit – Which is Most Important

Contractor Opinion Poll - IR35, Brexit, NHS
Contractor Opinion Poll - IR35, Brexit, NHS

Contractor Opinion Poll

We’ve started a contractor opinion poll to find out what is the single most important issue for contractors when they are casting their votes. Is it:-

  1. IR35
  2. Brexit
  3. NHS
  4. Other

Contractor Opinion Poll – Self Employed Vote

There are 5 million self employed in the UK. How they vote could have a major influence on the 2019 election. They are spread throughout the country in every seat.

They are especially common in London and the South East which lends itself to contracting more.

That’s where many companies have their headquarters and their computer centres.

Contractors in Every Parliamentary Seat

Many seats are up for grabs there. So, it is crucial that contractors tell them what they see as most important to them.

We do not want to influence the poll so we will say no more.

The contractor opinion poll is on the top right hand side of this page.

Only the self employed should vote.

Let other freelancers know about the poll too.

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    1. I was sent the open letter to parliament (Oct) by a contractor group while I wait to speak to my mp Robert Buckland about IR35. I don’t think it was at all well written and reading as if I was an mp it wasn’t clear what the impacts were on the contractor or business. It should have been bullet points with a working example of outside ir35/inside Ir35 and going permie and the impact on hmrc income, contractors being able to support themselves during dry periods (ie between contracts) and issues it will cause business. Considering there are a dozen supporting groups it was very poorly written “government hell bent is not a phrase I’d use to get a point over).


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