Contractor Mortgages Video Showing How to get the Best Offers + Rates


Contractor Mortgages Video

The contractor mortgages video above will explain how contractors can get mortgage offers at the very best rates.

There’s two crucial things to remember:-

  1. Contractors won’t need to produce three years worth of accounts like they used to have to do. All they need as proof of earnings is a copy of their contract
  2. Freelancers no longer have their mortgage offers based on their Director’s Salary as used to happen. Their mortgage offer is now based on their daily rate annualised. So, that’s Daily Rate x 5 x 48 x 5.

Calculate Your Mortgage Offer

Do the calculation and see what it comes to. A contractor earning £400 a day could borrow close to half a million pounds.

Anyway, have a look at the video as it explains all – then fill out the form below if you want further details.

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