Contract Job Offer. Is Recruitment Agency Stringing This Freelancer Along?

Contract Job Offer
Contract Job Offer

Contract Job Offer

We received this questions about a contract job offer from an IT Contractor.

Hi Gerry.

I have been approached by a consulting / recruitment company for a contract into one of the big banks.

They started off with quite a good rate then said we have to go lower. Finally we agreed a middle range.

Likely Contract Job Offer after Interview

I went into the interview and the same day the recruiter / consultant at this organization called me and told me there is likely to be an offer.

They said it will be next week.

Anyway, meanwhile the recruitment / consulting organization started credit criminal checks including disclosure.

Now 3 weeks later they haven’t made an offer and all checks are completed.

My contact goes “I’m chasing hard for you . Thanks for your patience“.

I don’t know what’s going on.

Any advice would be helpful.

Our Advice on Contract Job Offer

I think that there must be a genuine job there or the company wouldn’t have gone to the bother of interviewing you and the agency wouldn’t have gone to the bother of doing all the work they have done so far.

It could be, though, that the company are still looking to see if they get someone better come through.

It could be that they are still waiting for budget approval.

It could be that they don’t need you in just yet as they haven’t got anything to do yet.

No Permission to Take on Contractors Yet

It could be they jumped the gun and don’t have permission yet to take on a contractors.

I once waited almost 3 months to start a contract.

However, if I were you I wouldn’t depend on it.

I’d keep looking and if they do finally get back to you well and good.

They may find though, that you have got a job elsewhere. But next time you could maybe contact them direct.

Recruitment Agency Contact Doesn’t Answer Phone

Thanks Gerry!

I am just being kept completely in the dark so wasn’t aware what was happening!

My contact does not answer his phone .

Thank you!

Tell Recruiter You Have Other Interviews – Gerry

You could tell the agency you are going to further interviews and a contract job offer.

Agencies don’t like to lose money so may push them harder.

Verbally Confirmed Contract Job Offer

Hi Gerry, Apologies, they are now telling me Monday lunch and continue to give me 100% assurance!

They have confirmed verbally both myself and the Project Manager – and the Project Manager is also going through screening.

We should all have lunch together in the run up to the project start 🙂


I’ll let you know Monday what happens.

Contract Received – Monday

I have received my contract. Thanks you for assistance.

Our Reply

Great News! Well done!

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