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Contractor Gets Direct Contracts
Contractor Gets Direct Contracts

Contractor Gets Direct Contracts


Learn how a Contractor Gets Direct Contracts Using LinkedIn. Indeed, he gets all his contracts that way now. He reveals how he does it here.

Yes in recent years many companies have contacted me direct over LinkedIn. I guess its from seeing the profile status thingy when they see my activity.

I always update my profile when I’m becoming available.

I’ve done 3 contracts now like this and ranging on 9-18 months each.

Clients save on the day rate in comparison and it leaves room in their budgets to potentially keep my contract going for longer.

I’m in there at a competitive price.

How I Use LinkedIn

I guess is a combination of things.

I post:-

    1. placement history,
    2. my availability, and
    3. general skills.

It’s probably not very IR35 compliant behaviour but good for getting noticed.

Interview Like a Casual Business Meeting

When they make contact, it’s more like a casual business meeting than an interview.

It feels different to being placed by an agency.

It’s very much more about what I can do for them than them giving me work to do, like an employee.

There’s no technical tests, just a chat, maybe a few technical questions that are solution focused, and then can ask me when can I start.

IR35 Compliant Contract

I draw up my contract via an IR35 compliance service my accountant provides.

That’s unless the company provide one, in which case it get it reviewed.

It’s been a good experience so far.

And the clients have been prompt payers.

Martyn Norman

IT Contractor Comment

IT Recruiters are using LinkedIn more and more, rather than job boards, to find the right contractors. wih the right contractor definition.

Indeed, some contractors say that they never get contracts via job boards nowadays.

Also, now clients are muscling in on this to find contractors direct and saving money by doing so.

It would be nice to be able to split the normal agency margin wih the client company.

However, even if you can’t, it makes you in there at a very competitive price when it comes to renewal time.

So, take Martyn’s advice and make sure that clients or recruiters can find you.

And keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, especially wih your availablity.

Martyn gets direct contracts using LinkedIn.

Make sure that you can too.

This may be UK Contractors future.


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