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Contractor Crowdfunding Club
Crowdfunding for Contractors - how to use money to make money

Contractor Crowdfunding Club

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IT Contractors usually want to make their pile and get out as quickly as possible. When they started contracting they probably doubled their income.

However, whilst, as a permie, they probably had most of their spoken for, all that extra money coming in is now spare cash.

Of course, contractors could save up most of that extra money, put it in the bank and one day they will have enough to get out.

However, IT contractors are risk takers by nature. How many permies, who would like the contractor money, have you heard say that they couldn’t take the uncertainty of contracting?

Contractors are a different breed.

Setting up the Contractor Crowdfunding Club

That’s why we have set up the Contractor Crowdfunding Club.

IT Contractors want to invest that money they earn to make more money so that they can get out faster.

They tend to invest in the Stock Market or in property.

Instead of having a long-term strategy, though, they tend to invest when they have the most money, i.e. when they are in work and contract rates are great. So, they tend to invest at the peak of a boom – just before the crash.

When a downturn comes they may lose work and not be able to find a new contract. They then have to sell the shares, which by that time have plummeted, just to pay the mortgage and daily running expenses.

If they buy an extra property they find that maintaining it is a whole load of hassle they could do without.

IT Contractor Crowdfunding Opportunities

That’s why the new idea of crowdfunding is great for IT contractors. Much of the money in a company is made before the company comes to market. Contractors never had a chance to invest in these companies at this stage before.

Often they are tech startup companies, maybe in areas that the contractor has some knowledge and can see the opportunities for these companies.

The company would offer a stake in itself for a certain amount of money. You can invest thousands or as little as £500. If the company does well and comes to market quite a lot of money can be made.

Opportunities for Contractor Crowdfunding Club Members

The Contractor Crowdfunding Club can help contractors to get to hear of these opportunities. Often the funding is all in place in a matter of hours and those that know about it first have the first opportunity to get in.

We will be getting to hear about crowdfunding opportunities from many people who want to raise cash for startup companies. Those in our Contractor Crowdfunding Club will be told straight away about these opportunities before others get to hear about them.

Property Crowdfunding Opportunities

If contractors want to invest in property, they can do so without the hassle of finding the right place, finding a tenant and maintaining it.

There are several Property Crowdfunding companies. They purchase houses that they think will increase in price and then allow contractors to buy as much of the house as they want.

They will find tenants and they will maintain the houses. The crowdfunding contractors will then be sent monthly rental income.

The property will be sold and profits realised when a majority of the contractor crowdfunding shareholders want to sell.

Join the Contractor Crowdfunding Club

We will shortly be getting news of these contractor crowdfunding opportunities.

If you want to join the contractor crowdfunding club and be alerted immediately when opportunities to invest arise, just fill in the form below.

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