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Business and Pleasure Wine Bar
Business and Pleasure Wine Bar

Business and Pleasure Wine Bar

Here’s a story of a Christmas agency bash which took place at a wine bar called Business and Pleasure in Mayfair.

The agency bashes aren‘t what they used to be. Nowadays they are only on at Christmas, and sometime not at all.

However, the good old days of the lavish agency bash at any time of the year are gone. It‘s a pity. There were some good stories from them.

Business & Pleasure

I remember one time that we were invited to an Agency event in a wine bar called Business & Pleasure. It’s just off Oxford Street in London. Neither of us had brought along a map of the place.

However, my contractor friend said that it should be quite easy to find. We just had to look out for guys who looked like contractors and ask them (we weren’t far away).

Likely Lads

He saw what he thought were a couple of likely looking contractors, i.e. guys in their late twenties / early thirties in suits. He went up to them and asked, “Are you guys looking for Business and Pleasure?”

As they didn’t answer and just stared at him, he repeated the question. He said awkwardly afterwards, “We’re looking for Business and Pleasure but can’t find it. So, we thought you guys might be looking for Business and Pleasure too”.

At that the two guys muttered something in a Yorkshire accent and took off down the street.

Dumbstruck Yorkshiremen

We were never really sure if they thought we were a couple of pimps or what they thought that we were. However, I assume they’re still telling the story now back in Yorkshire of the guys who accosted them on their trip to London.

You should have seen my contractor friend’s jaw drop as it gradually sunk in as to what our Yorkshire visitors perceived him as.

We spent a pleasant evening when we eventually did find Business & Pleasure.

It was a fairly normal wine bar.