CV Embellishment – Companies using CV Detectives more

CV Embellishment
CV Embellishment

CV Embellishment

Companies have got their eyes on CV embellishment more and more – even for contractors.

Many people, including IT Contractors, embellish their CVs.

However, many people go further and put outright lies on their CVs.

More and more companies are now using CV Detectives to check out the CVs of their executive employees. They have sacked quite a few bosses for incorrect details on their CVs.

Others have kept their jobs but have been severely embarrassed by revelations of cheating.

Little Checking

I have always been surprised at how little is checked on a CV.

I doubt whether anyone ever checks to see whether an IT Contractor actually has the university degree that he has on his or her CV.

I know that when I was a CIO and was hiring contractors, Permies or even graduates I never checked out their supposed degree.

Contract References

I also never ever took out references. So people could have lied completely about their skills and the places they had been.

However, I did give them good grillings at interviews.

I wonder how many contractors embellish their CVs and even how many have outright lies on there.

In the future CV Detectives and other companies may well find them out. There are a growing number of CV Detective firms.

CV embellishment could be much more difficult in the future with so much technology to monitor it.