Companies say they much prefer IT contractors to Outsourcers

Prefer IT Contractors
Prefer IT Contractors

Prefer IT Contractors

It seems that companies do prefer IT Contractors to outsourcers.

A survey by Robert Half Technology of more than a thousand Chief Information Officers asked them:-

‘When using outside staffing resources for IT needs, do you generally prefer on-site supplemental staff working under your supervision or total-project outsourcing’.

Here were the replies:-

66% – Supplemental Staff working under your supervision
14% – Total Project Outsourcing
20% – A Combination of both.

Good News for future of IT Contracting

That bodes very well for the future of IT Contracting.

Despite all the publicity, especially from those who would gain from it, that IT contractors would become a dying breed and that much of the work that we do would be outsourced, with much of it sent offshore, it seems that two-thirds of CIOs would prefer to use contractors etc.

In fact, only one-in-seven said that they would prefer the outsourcing option. That includes onshore and offshore.

Contractors Are Best Solution

It seems that still by far the best solution when companies need some extra work done is to bring in extra supplemental staff like contractors to get their projects done.

There has been a lot of scaremongering on the subject. However, it doesn‘t look like the IT Contracting profession is going to be dying out anytime soon.

Indeed Bill Gates was recently telling graduates that IT would be the best area for them to be in for the next fifteen years.

What a change of sentiment from just a few years ago when the gloomsters and jeremiahs were saying our profession was dead and buried.

Not by a long shot yet!

Companies really do prefer IT Contractors, when they get a choice, as opposed to outsourcers.

Somebody likes us. We can’t be doing everything wrong, can we?