Our Client – They belong to us and not the contractor – Agent

Our Client Says Agent
Our Client Says Agent

It’s Our Client

Contractors claim that it is our client and agencies claim it is their client.

So, who is right?

This was found on the defenct ComputerContractor.net Agency Forum.

IPSE Members and Clients

Many contractors, especially IPSE members, talk grandly about their clients. That’s though they don’t even have a contract with them.

How can you have a client without a contract?

No, the agency has a client, and the contractor is a third party supplier to the agency’s client.

In fact, they’ll hate us saying this, but it is the agency who is the contractor’s client.

More Respect for Clients

They should, therefore, treat their clients with a bit more respect.

They complain that we should take them out for a drink or a meal more often. As suppliers they should take their customer (us) out if they want to keep us sweet.

Why can contractors not get it through their thick heads that the company that they are supplying services to are our clients. We, as the people who supply their services, are their clients?

As I said at the top, how can you have a client that you have no contract with?

It’s just grand posturing and it was started by IPSE members who like to feel grand above their station.

IT Contractor Comment

Well, is this recruiter right then in what he says?

Is the company who supplies work ther client – or does the client belong to the contractor.

Does it matter that the agency does so little work for their supplier other than just supplying somebody else?

Should we pay them more respect for that like this agents says?

Should it be us that takes them out for lunch or a drink rather than them taking us out?

Let’s hear your comments on the matter.

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