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Dealing with Agencies

Dealing with Agencies Dealing with Agencies is something that every contractor has to do during their career. We give advice, therefore, on how best to deal with them. We advise on:- How recruitment agencies like to see CVs How to get agencies to put you forward for contract interviews The way to get the best contract rate from agencies How to stall them if you have a potential other contract offer or interview to go to The best way to get a good contract rate increase at renewal time How to tell if you are going to get a renewal All the different tricks that recruitment agences get up to How to handle cold calls asking about your availability for contract What to do when they ask for references or details of places where your CV is put forward via other agencies How to handle the exclusion clauses in your contract with them hat say you cannot approach the client direcltly after your contract has ended

Agency Health Check

Agency Health Check

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