Can I leave my agency taking 250 a day for me?

Leave My Agency
Leave My Agency

Leave my Agency

A contractor asks “Can I Leave my Agency”. This is from a contractor Forum.

I just found out that my agency is taking £250 a day commission on me. I get £600 and they charge the client £850 – over 40% mark up

Heres is my question: the client knows and wants to terminate my contract and find a cheaper cost.

I am happy to work at £600 and my agency wont budge – what should I do?

What’s legal? Can I be sued if I went direct to the client?

IT Contractor Response

I assume that your client knows this because you told them. And now they want to dump you and get someone cheaper.

As far as your chances are concerned it depends, however, on what your contract says.

If you are not an ‘opt out’ IT contractor you could go to your client direct at the end of your contract. And it might be worthwhile to make them aware of that.

Otherwise it would be worthwhile to ask your agent what their margin is next time. So, next time don’t go blagging to the client about it.

If you want an agency’s rate changed, the best way to do it is at renewal time when you can renegotiate.

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