Can Aussies / Kiwis on Holiday Visas Contract While They are Here?


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Some people have complained that companies are hiring Australian and New Zealanders on holiday visas to work in their IT departments, in breach of their work permit terms.

I am writing an article on that for Computer Weekly, and would like to know what people think of this practice – is it something that people feel strongly about, given high unemployment among UK contractors, or do Australians and New Zealanders make a valid contribution ?

I would like to hear from Australians and New Zealanders about your experience and from any UK contractors who may have tried to find holiday work in New Zealand and Australia.

I’d also like to talk to some employers – what has your experience been with New Zealand and Australian contractors, and what sort of contribution do they make ?

And recruitment companies – will you place Australians and New Zealanders on holiday visas in work, or do you condemn the practice ? Are their sufficient controls ?

Contact: [email protected] (in confidence)

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Get your facts straight.

Law was changed recently to allow Australians and New Zealanders on ‘working holiday’ visas to take work in their chosen profession.

Before it used to be only work outside their chosen profession.

Even so I think they’re still supposed to only work full time for half the time they are here or all the time in case of part time work

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Taken from the
Home Office
website today

What type of work can I do?

You can only do part-time or casual work. You may not do any business, provide services as a professional sports person or entertainer or FOLLOW A CAREER. You cannot take full-time work, even on a casual basis, for more than HALF your stay. For the purpose of working holidaymakers, full-time work is more than 25 hours a week.

Spot the first line. Casual or part time work does not mean working in an office as a contractor in IT. It is intended to allow tourists the facility to support themselves while here on holiday. It is not intended for somebody to come here, pull in a high rate, save the money and disappear back home. It is a system which is badly enforced and heavily abused.

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