Cameron promises Indians same day UK visas

David Cameron Promises Indians
David Cameron Promises Indians

Cameron Promises Indians Visas on same Day

David Cameron promises Indians that they will get visas on the same day they apply for them.

The lure of the subcontinent always gets UK politicians promising all sorts of things any time they go over there.

One remembers Labour‘s Dawn Primarolo going over there in 2002 and saying that we needed 300,000 IT workers here. That was just as we were entering the last really harsh contractor recession. Almost half of contractors were out of work.

They‘re such nice friendly people the Indians that one feels that one has to throw something to them.

IT Jobs Offered to Indians

It is usually jobs in IT that gets thrown to them. That’s usually as a swapsie for access to their markets for our bankers and insurers etc.

So, Cameron has not only said that he would make it easier for Indians to come here (while trying to make it harder for Rumanians and Bulgarians) but he was going to allow them to come here on a visa or on business which they would get on the same day that they applied.

That would make a big difference.

Direct Competitors of UK Contractors

Indian software developers are direct competitors of UK IT Contractors. However, they are on much lower rates.

Indeed they don‘t have to pay the prices contractors have to pay in the UK for houses etc. So their overheads are lower.

One feels that it should be much more difficult for politicians to swank about when they are in India offering up UK IT jobs than it actually is.

There should be more consequences form the electorate when they do.

However, they toss about IT jobs like confetti with little in the way of comeback to them.

Indeed they will use them as poker chips to gain access to their markets for major UK companies.