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Brexit Contractor Jobs

A Brexit contractor jobs market boost has sent the contractor market soaring. The number of contract jobs advertised is rising sending contractor rates climbing. Developer rates are now 475 a day on average. This compares with 450 a day this time last year and 425 a day two years ago.

That’s a rise of 12% in two years.

Why Are Contractor Job Rates Soaring

So, why are contractor job rates soaring?

Uncertainty, while it is the enemy of business, it is the friend of those in temporary work. Businesses will not take major long term decisions on hiring staff while there is uncertainty.

However, projects still need to be done. So, they hire contractors and freelancers while the uncertainty persists. Brexit is bringing major uncertainty to companies’ financial affairs.

How Do Contractor Job Rates Compare to the Market Average

Average wages in the UK have risen by about 5.5% across all industries. So, contractors rates are easily outstripping the rest of the jobs market. So, while the Brexit uncertainty persists contractors will be raking it in.

It’s just like when the economy starts to recover after a major downturn. While the recovery is still fragile companies won’t risk hiring too many permanent employees. They hire contractors till the recovery is more sure.

When Brexit gets sorted out companies will feel more safe to hire permanent employees again. So purely from a contract jobs market view, contractors will want the Brexit uncertainty to continue. That’s so the Brexit contractor jobs market will continue to send contractor rates soaring.

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