Being Unemployed During the Downturn


Terrible Year

This has been a terrible year for IT workers and especially contractors.

A poll on NamesFacesPlaces shows that 50% of contractors are unemployed. Polls on other sites show a 35-50% rate of unemployment.

Many contractors and permanent employees haven’t worked for many months. Many are at their wits’ ends wondering how to cope. Many have marriages or relationships that are on the rocks or split asunder completely.

Harrowing Tales

There are many harrowing tales out there as IT workers wake up in a cold sweat in the night wondering how the mortgage can get paid, how they can keep themselves, their partners and any dependents that they might have.

They wonder what will happen to them if they don’t get a job. “”Maybe I’ll never work again”” they think to themselves, as all their efforts over the previous months have been fruitless.

They see the beggars roaming the streets of their towns and cities and wonder if they might end up amongst them.

They wonder why anyone could ever have thought that there was a skills shortage in IT and why 30,000 non-EU workers have been brought in to fill it.

They’re glad that Gurdial Rai and the PCG have managed to disprove the Skills Shortage myth, and they’re glad that they are starting to get some wins on IR35, but it isn’t making any difference to their plight at the moment.

They have thought long and hard about other ways to get money, but they are not skilled at anything else and would have to start their careers from scratch again – if they’re young enough to do so.

There must be thousands, in fact tens of thousands of IT workers in this unenvious position – and they’re not getting a lot of help or sympathy from many quarters. Whoever heard of a charity for “”IT Contractors Who Have fallen on Hard Times”” and who would contribute to it.

There must be many out there in this situation, and many that are reading this are in similar situations.

We would like to hear the stories, the problems, and the thoughts of those who are in this situation, so that they can at least share their plight with fellow contractors and IT workers.

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