Contractor Success Tale – At last! A contracting success story

Contractor Success Tale
Contractor Success Tale

Contractor Success Tale

This article, about a contractor success tale, comes from Aussie contractor site

All we ever see these days are doom and gloom news articles and job horror stories, I’d like to share a success story if you’re happy to post it on your website.

Finally, a successful interview!

Today I got the news that I got the job. I’m very happy as is my family. However the road to this day was a long painful and wearing struggle. I’ve been out of work for 25 months now after I lost a 12 month contract at 6 months.

Since then I had over 60 interviews and like many IT Professionals out there, I must have sent out over a 1,000 job applications and CVs.

It seems that I ranked second or just missed out over twenty times after preparing for interviews, writing up job applications, getting referee reports, etc. Imagine being told you’ve just missed out over twenty times.

Limited IT Jobs Available

In this tough climate of limited jobs, even more limited money to pay for IT jobs and most IT work being outsourced to India (and I hear China now wants to get in on the Indian action).

I was one of those many faces in the crowds who kept on plugging away again and again. Even when I got the phone call it took me a good ten seconds to register the words, “You’ve got the job”.

It didn’t seem real to me then and even now, I’ve still got to pinch myself.

However two months ago it was a different story.

Final Week to Look for IT Work

I had made the last week of October my final week to look for IT work.

I’ve got over 13 years of IT experience and knowledge in a number of computer systems. I’ve paid over $10,000 for IT courses in the last two years. And yes, I was prepared to throw it all away on the very last day of October.

I had already chosen my new career path, pathology. I was going to take on a three year study course to learn how to type blood, etc. And yes, I do have a family to support also.

No More Job Mail alerts

But no more!

No more job email alerts.

No more rude and obnoxious IT Agencies.

Also, no more Agents who don’t return calls or don’t know the difference between Novell and Lotus Notes.

No more false jobs – and thank goodness, no more interviews.

Keep plugging guys and girls – the jobs are out there.

PS. I can highly recommend NOT using IT Agencies to find work for you. I tell you, it is better to find the jobs yourself.

IT Contractor Comment

It was great to be able to publish this contractor success tale.

So, if you have any of your own just let us know.

And very good luck to this contractor.

He and his family must have gone through hell.

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