Astonishing effect on article yesterday



An article loaded yesterday has had 67,000 reads in less than a day.

I have a piece of software which shows me how often the articles I load have been read.

I‘m an avid reader of it and look at it several times a day.

I couldn‘t believe it yesterday when I saw the read count for one of our articles.

It had been read 2,700 times and it had only been up an hour or so.

No Problem

I immediately thought that there was something wrong with the software.

However, I had heard of websites that have sometimes been so bombarded with clicksthru because an article of theirs has been placed on Slashdot that their websites seized up.

I even submitted a couple of articles to Slashdot a few years ago to no avail.

So, I went and checked my software that shows where my referrers come from.

Major Websites

It seems that the article was posted onto a couple of major websites by one or more of our readers.

The first, and major one was and the other was

They are obviously very popular and powerful websites with an international audience.

Whichever of our readers posted it, thanks very much.

It doesn‘t seem to have had that much effect on our other articles as it looks as though the external readers just came for that article.


Have a look at our recent article read count:-

IT Contractor Market softening says top IT agency Spring Group = 137
The IT Contract From Hell = 67,636
Offshore Outsourcing in decline = 280
The idiocy of completely matching CVs = 453
IT Contractor slump may now have started = 449
My 10 shares for 2008 = 211
BT to axe 6,000 contractors = 403
IT Budgets will fall drastically next year say Goldman Sachs = 151
The five worst office pests = 625
IT Contractors to help rescue the world economies = 307
The IT Contractors at Interview I want by an IT Client = 497
The IT contractor insurance you may need = 165
IT is the dream job = 479
The Agents versus Clients debate has good and bad on both sides = 147
Ten Signs That Your Contract is not Going to be Renewed = 796

Huge Amount

Yes, that‘s right, 67,636 people have read an article put up at about 9:30am yesterday until 7:30am today.

Indeed, we had more than 82,000 site visits just yesterday – which is close to what we would normally get in a month. We‘ve already had more than 21,000 by 7:30am today.

I‘m sure that there would be many large regional newspapers (and maybe national ones) who wouldn‘t sell that many newspapers.

At least our website was easily able to cope yesterday which it might not have been able to do a few years ago.

Number One

Our article spent most of yesterday at Number One on both of those websites.

It‘s started to slip down to 7th and 5th the last time I looked.

It doesn‘t look like it‘ll get to the magic 100,000 reads.

Ah well!

Back to reality.


It‘s a bit like Cinderella at the ball when it struck midnight.

At first sight it doesn‘t look like our visitors have read many other articles, but maybe some will like what they have seen and stayed.

I‘ll know in the coming weeks.

Still, we have a nice niche focused market here – and a good bunch of contributors.