Artificial Intelligence Shares to Watch


What Artificial Intelligence Shares Are Doing Well?

Analysts say that this is the era of Artificial Intelligence and those companies who deal in Artificial Intelligence are worth keeping an eye on.

It might be a bit of fun to keep our eyes on them. I’m going to set up a porfolio of Artificial Intelligence stocks to see to see how they do.

I don’t own any shares in these companies and if that changes I’ll let you know.

So, here’s a few that it might be worth keeping our eyes on.


These shares have gone through the roof in the last few years and fortunes have been made. However most analysts are saying that they have further to go.

According to Nerdwallet “NVIDIA started working on 3D graphics for multimedia and gaming companies in 1993. The company also began creating AI applications all the way back in 2012. Today, NVIDIA continues to be at the forefront of AI and is developing software, chips and AI-related services.”

Ndivia is the Daddy of them all in the AI market. They are now one of the three biggest companies in the world along with Microsoft and Apple. They are up this year (till July 1st) by 205% a year, meaning they have more than trebled. Indeed since they got into AI their shares have gone up by 3,000%. They have a dominant share of the AI market and their customers are all the major players in tech, cloud and IT such as Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Meta, Alphabet and Oracle. They currently cannot fulfill all the orders that they get from those companies and are selling the chips like hot cakes. The more they can make the more they can sell – and then there are potential sales to companies down the food chain a bit and to governments. They currently have 80% of the AI chip market.

Price Bought – 123.54

Current Share Price – 123.54

Date Selected – 1/7/2024

Percentage Rise / Fall – 0%

This my nap in horse racing terms. I’m going to ‘buy’ four lots of these shares which means that they will be half of my portfolio. The others I’m going to buy one lot of.

We will compare the progress of this portfolio with that of the FTSE 100, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq. Let’s see how it goes.


This is an Artificial Intelligence play.

60% of its work is with the Government.

The uptake from government agencies hasn’t been as high as that on the commercial side but that’s sure to change at some point.

Price Bought – 25.33

Current Price – 25.33

Date Bought – 1/7/2024

Percentage Rise / Fall – 0%


According to Nerdwallet “AeroVironment is a leader in the automated aircraft space, creating pilotless planes, unmanned ground vehicles and weapons systems. AeroVironment’s technologies aren’t just used by the military — they assist first responders and space explorers as well. AeroVironment has been involved in several high-profile events, including having the first helicopter to fly on Mars and servicing NATO customers in Ukraine in 2022.”

In the past year to July 1st they are up by 76%.

Price Bought – 182.6

Current Price – 182.6

Date Bought – 1/7/2024

Percentage Rise / Fall – 0%

Procept Biorobotics

According to Nerdwallet “Procept BioRobotics creates medical robotics solutions for urology. The company offers two robotics systems, Aquablation therapy, which offers an alternative to surgery, and AquaBeam, a heat-free robotic therapy to treat symptoms due to benign prostatic hyperplasia.”

The medical area is one area which can be greatly benefited by Artificial Intelligence. In the UK, as well as other countries, they will be looking not only to make major advances in treatment using robotics and Artificial Intelligence but also to make major savings in costs from the use of AI.

Procept shares have gone up by an astonishing 80% in the last year and one would think that things would only get better for them in the area that they operate in.

Price Bought – 61.09

Current Price – 61.09

Date Bought – 1/7/2024

Percentage Rise / Fall – 0%


Arista Networks provides products and software for data center and cloud computing. It creates networks that can grow and adapt with the evolution of technologies used on those networks.

It is up 81% in the last year.

Price Bought – 350.48

Current Price – 350.48

Date Bought – 1/7/2024

Percentage Rise / Fall – 0%


Price Bought – 8177.62

Current Price – 8177.62

Date Bought – 1/7/2024

Percentage Rise / Fall – 0%

S&P 500

Price Bought – 5,460.48

Current Price – 5,460.48

Date Bought – 1/7/2024

Percentage Rise / Fall – 0%


Price Bought – 17,732.60

Current Price – 17,732.60

Date Bought – 1/7/2024

Percentage Rise Fall – 0%



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