Anti contractor bias rife amongst Permie job interviewers

Anti Contractor Bias
Anti Contractor Bias

Anti Contractor Bias Among Permies

we received this from a reader called ‘Insincere‘ about anti contractor bias. Here’s what he says.

Sadly, I know numerous senior IT contractors, very experienced and long-term contractors, who agencies have approached asking them to consider permie roles at the well-known consultancies of late.

All, unfortunately, have been made to jump through hoops with all, bar one, finding out eventually they had not got the permie role.

These are people I know personally. They have run major IT projects globally costing tens and hundreds of millions which have been successful. However, they aren’t good enough to go permie!?

Anti-Contractor Mentality

So, for some reason, theres’ still a strong anti-contractor mentality in many corporates when it comes to assigning permies. I suspect this is from bitter permanent ‘narrow-minded’ staff – and especially from the HR departments.

Every person I know who has been interviewed for a permie role has been asked endless, increasingly arcane, technical questions that no Human Being would be able to pick out of their brain in an instant. However, failure to do so seems to be excuse enough to prove they are not qualified for the role.

You would not expect such ‘instant knowledge’ in a Medical Consultant or a 747 pilot. However, seemingly, for IT staff, you must know everything about IT in order to have any cred in permie roles.

Impossible Task

I don’t care who you are but that is simply impossible. As we all know, anyone can sit down in the cold light of day and put together 10 questions on a piece of paper that no-one can answer in an interview or test setting.

It is not for any idle reason that the modern computing operating many leading scientists now consider to be the most complex technological human invention ever. It has more complexity than the engineering of the 747 or the engineering that put a man on the Moon.

Yet, they expect us to know the combined knowledge of tens of thousands of workers in Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, etc, etc, etc. Also, we must be able to recall it all in a nano-second.

Excellent Contractors Demoralised

Thus, many excellent contractors I know are in a state of demoralisation and bitterness by the permie interview experience. That’s even though they were the ones they approach in the first place.

Oh, the one person who was offered a TA role was offered it, not in the same city in which he lives and where he was told the role would be, but some 600 miles away. It was for HALF the salary he was told it was going to be.

Needless to say, he told them he had no interest in the job!

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