Another Filthy Trick by an IT Agency

Another Filthy Trick
Another Filthy Trick

Another Filthy Trick

Here’s another filthy trick from an agency.

We got this in reply to our article ‘This was a real filthy trick by an agency’.

Taking References

Several years ago I was leaving an IT contract of my own free will and was contacted by MSB International regarding a position.

The IT agent there asked if he could speak to me boss regarding a reference. I checked with my boss to see if this was okay and, because I was leaving on good terms, he was only too happy to provide MSB with a phone reference.

IT Contractors must be aware
IT Contractors must be aware of agencies spamming contacts

After I had provided the name & number of my manager, MSB called him.

They didn’t ask a single question about me. All they did was quiz him about the position that I was vacating. They claimed to have ‘loads of people’ who could fill my position once I’d left.

My manager was fuming – as was I.

Fictional Job

The job that they contacted me about also turned out to be fictional.

Not quite as severe as your case with an IT agency slagging you off – but still very underhand I’m sure you’ll agree.

I think that the running theme of responses seems to be correct. I don’t give agencies any references and/or contacts until they have provided (at least) a verified interview date & time.

Dealing with Recruitment Consultants – IT Contractor Advice

Yes, this is one of the most common tricks played on unsuspecting contractors by agencies.

They tell them about fake jobs and then ask for references.

New Agency Dirty Trick
New Agency Dirty Trick on IT Contractor

It was only the references that they had any interest in all along.

They are basically looking for companies and managers who hire contractors.

It’s just as well that you were leaving the company.

It’s happened before that agencies have asked contractors for references and then called the manager there trying to replace the contractor with one of their own contractors. Some even slag off the original contractor to his client.

So, beware those kind of agencies. You have to have a long spoon to sup with them.