Andrew Mitchell uses Patrician offshore companies

Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell

It looks like Tory MP, Andrew Mitchell, is also using offshore schemes.

It was revealed a while back that several government ministers have used offshore schemes in the past.

These include Culture Minister, Jeremy Hunt, much beloved by Rupert Murdoch. He avoided a hundred grand in tax just before the last election.

Philip Hammond

Another is Philip Hammond.

Yet another is Andrew Mitchell, the Chief Whip. He has been in the news recently for abusing policemen and calling them ‘just plebs‘ – which he has since denied.

No wonder he has no respect for them, though.

They don‘t have any offshore trusts. Also, they pay their full whack of tax without any avoidance.

No wonder he thought of them as idiots.

Offshore Firm

Philip invested in a firm that set up an offshore scheme which avoided £2.6m in stamp duty.

With David Cameron‘s father Ian having built up the family fortune using offshore schemes and his father in law Lord Astor making use of them as well as the Tory Party‘s top donor Lord Ashcroft, it is not likely that a stop is likely to be made to these patrician schemes.

Chancellor Osborne has a £4.5m offshore trust too.

If they ever do go after any kind of offshore scheme it would surely be one used solely by IT Contractors.