Contractor Career Meltdown – Am I the only one experiencing it?

Contractor Career Meltdown
Contractor Career Meltdown

Contractor Career Meltdown

Are you suffering a contractor career meltdown like this guy?

A contractor sent us this in response to our article Unemployed IT story – is there ageism in IT?

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Suffereing Career Meltdown

Hi All,

Just thought I would post something here to see if I am the only person experiencing this sort of contractor career meltdown

I have been out of work for a couple of years. That’s despite having worked in the IT industry since 1992 only for Investment & Retail banks in either the Square Mile, Canary Wharf or Greater London as either contractor (my favorite) or perm (boring but stable).

Up until two years ago I could still get interviews (and some of those were agency rent boys/girls sending me on wild goose chases where they forgot to mention something little like the bank could not hire anyone but were just interviewing to see who is on the market or worse still being sent for interviews at respectable companies who turn around and tell you before the interview starts that they have just put a hiring freeze into place).

No Interviews or Opportunities

Since then nothing not even a sniff of an interview or job opportunity. I have also noticed a trend whereby the most basic roles require Rocket Scientists/Mensa members for £4.60 per hour

All my ex-workmates tell me the IT sector is really dire and jobs are being lost everywhere with those staying get impossible projects and no resources to achieve them. The word brown tongue seems to crop up a lot. Is this a new O/S or something

Obviously I am an Englishman.

Is that the problem?

Fast Track Visa Worker

I have considered immigrating then coming back as a foreign fast track visa worker.

Is that the answer as I could then instantly gain several degrees from bogus universities and other uncheckable qualifications/criminal tendencies

What on earth does everyone else do when they cannot get any work in THEIR own country, blow their lifetime savings and the future does not look like anything like an Orange one?

Is anyone else suffering a contractor career meltdown?