CV Exaggerations – Am I the only Contractor who has never lied on his CV

CV Exaggerations
CV Exaggerations

CV Exaggerations by Contractors

A reader sent this article, on CV exaggerations, in response to one of our articles. He asks if hes ie the only one who never does it.

No Lies on His CV – Honest Contractor

I must be the only person in the UK (according to these people) who IS a scrupulously honest contractor.

I have never lied, not even in the smallest of way, on my CV, in an interview, or on a timesheet.

Moreover, I believe what goes around comes around. Those who lie will be found out. Your CV exaggerations may well get you into trouble.

Victim of Backstabbing Permies

As for dirty tricks that clients play, I have been the victim of backstabbing permies. They were consumed with jealousy over

a) my ability and skills, and my remuneration

b) my remuneration.

I am sick to death of permies sitting in their cushy little jobs. They do nothing all day except complain about contractors and doing everything they can to discredit them.

Contractors Paid a Higher Wage

As far as the money goes, contractors get a higher face value wage because they do not have the stability of permanent work. Nor do they have the enormous perks that go along with it.

Permies get stable jobs. They get free training, benefits such as pensions, company cars, health policies, gyms etc, paid holidays and sick pay, and a low tax rate.

An IT contractor has to provide all of these things for him/herself and also has to pay twice the amount of tax.

So when you look at the bigger picture, and take all of these things into account, it probably averages out to be roughly the same in the end.

Let it go!