Spoiled Contractors – Agent claims IT Contractors are like spoiled children

Spoiled Contractors
Spoiled Contractors

Spoiled Contractors

An agent posted Spoiled Contractors in our Comments section. So, we decided to gve it an airing to see what contractors think.

These whinge-bag types of contractors are behaving like the spoilt child who starts blaming his parents for all his mis-fortunes and becomes convinced that everything would be so much better if his parents had never existed!

Recruitment Consultants have created a generation of £100K+ yr contractors out of 30K permie material.

Technically they may be good, but in the permie world most of these guys were dismal failures.

Trash Contractors Into Gold

We turned trash into gold.

Contractors should stop blaming recruitment consultants for their problems.

Contractors should commend and praise recruitment consultants.

We need lots more respect from contractors.

There are plenty of places and times where we add value for the contractors.

By God we deserve any commission we get from our clients for IT contractors.

Do they appreciate us? Of course they don’t. They’re very ungrateful for all we do for them.

IT Contractor Comment on Spoiled Contractors

So what do you think?

Is this recruitment consultant right?

Are contractors like spoiled children?

Did they become contractors because they were ‘dismal failures’ as permanent employees?

Please put your responses in the Comments section below.

If there are any recruitment consultants who agree or disagree put your comments there too.

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