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Bad Agency - Opinion of Recruitment Agencies
Bad Agency

Bad Agency, Bad Agent

This is an update to our article on bad agency practices where a contractor says that an IT agency ignored her calls despite a former client saying that they wanted her.

The IT agency told the IT client she was unavailable.

IT Contractor on Bad Agency

In response to the questions in your reply on my encounter with the bad agency:-

Currently, there are no places available on the new IT contract as the client decided to hire someone else due to my supposed ‘unavailability’.

Secondly my rate would have made the agency an extremely good percentage margin as I wasn’t underselling myself, as the IT contractor’s rate was around the £40 per hour rate which was quoted by the agency.

It was £5 more than my hourly rate, so, by definition, it would have been futile putting a cheaper person in, as that would have cut their profits.

CV Forwarded to Client

I have already forwarded my CV to my mate at the client site. However, I will contact her and ask her to find out which are the preferred suppliers. As I do feel that I must terminate any contact with the current agency representing me as they are not representing me!.

I personally suspect that there may have been a parting of the ways between the client and the agency around the same time. This may have been a way of getting back at the client.

This is a very unprofessional way to do business if my suspicion is correct. Although I have no proof of this of course.

Thanks for replying back to me so quickly, your kind advice was invaluable.

You can use my problem on your site as a warning to others that there are no depths that some people won‘t sink to. However, I wish to remain anonymous, so please refer to me as ‘a contractor’.

Cheers! You‘re a star! Keep up the good work

IT Contractor Comments

Thank you for the kind words.

I would suggest that you make it official. You write to the IT agency, informing them officially that the bad agency no longer represents you.

You don’t want to have future problems if you do get in there and the agency want their cut.

It seems strange that, even if there was a parting of the ways, that if the IT client contacted the agency, that the bad agency still wouldn’t take the money for you AND the possible opportunity of getting back in there.

This is very odd. It might be worth contacting Apsco who have a Code of Conduct for their agency members and a disciplinary code for offenders.

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