Recruiters Contractor Fantasy – Agencies are kidding themselves

Recruiters Contractor Fantasy
Recruiters Contractor Fantasy

Recruiters Contractor Fantasy

A reader, Miss Piggy, posted the article Recruiters Contractor Fantasy as comments after one of our articles.

You say you put in a lot of hard work on IT Contractors‘ behalf as well, not just the client’s.

This is not actually the case.

Let me explain.

First of all, the client does not pay you for the services that your own organisation provides.

You do not bill the client for sifting through CVs, selecting and sending candidates forward for interview or for making the placement.

You only start to generate revenues off the back of the IT contractors‘ own efforts once the placement takes place.

Offer no Service

Therefore, recruiters do not officially offer any service or product despite the hype surrounding your industry.

Otherwise, you would get money for it, like any other business.

When I work there is a direct correlation between the effort I put in and the amount I bill. I do not depend on the efforts or labour of a third party to generate revenues for my business.

Don’t Find Us Work

Also, if I were to accept that you do work hard for payment (I certainly believe that you toil and sweat with the best of us) – even though payment is only by default of the labour and time put in by the contractor as I state – you do not do find work for the contractor.

You are sourcing for the client instead, who will be the only party eventually paying you for the service the contractor has provided.

The contractor never pays IT Recruiters directly to find them work.

If that is the case, no contractors with any sense would permit you to put up other candidates against them for the same role.

Pools of Labour

As it is, an employment business that sources contractors are little more than ‘pools’ of business developers who are ‘de facto’ generating effort that would normally done with no charge from the client or from the contractor, if they were to carry out these tasks themselves.

The supposition that the agency owns the client is just a recruiters contractor fantasy.

That’s like saying that it is a matchmaker’s boyfriend or girldfriend.