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The Umbrella Company sprang to ‘fame’ with the advent of IR35. Prior to that most contractors used Limited Companies. Here are explanations of what they are and their history.

What is an Umbrella Company? – an explanation

What is a Contractor Umbrella Company? – how it should be used by contractors

A History of Umbrella Companies – how they started

Limited Company or Brolly?

Is it the big choice for contractors. S0 should they operate through a Limited Company or should they operate through a brolly. It is a very important decision for contractors. Here are some articles, therefore, to help that choice.

Umbrella Company or Limited Company – The Choice

Is it Better to be in an Umbrella Company than a Limited Company?

Should I choose a Limited Company or Umbrella Company?

Choosing an Umbrella Company

Firstly, once you have chosen to go the Umbrella Companies route, contractors must then decide what type suits them.

10 Questions to ask when choosing one

Which Umbrella Company Should I Pick?

IT Umbrella Company Tips

Umbrella Expenses

What Umbrella Company Expenses can be claimed by a Contractor?

Offshore Umbrella Companies

Some contractors prefer to take the offshore umbrella company route. They promise higher returns that the onshore ones. These are seen as tax avoidance, however, rather than tax evasion by HMRC but are legal. That’s providing they have set up the correct structure.

Offshore Umbrella Companies

List / Directory

Here we have a directory of brollies used by contractors and a review of them.

Umbrella Companies Directory

Which Umbrella Company?

News and Advice

Umbrella Companies News

Umbrella Companies News and Advice

Offshore Umbrella Companies News and Advice

Once you have digested all of this, you will therefore be ready to make the choice. You will then be able to choose the option that is right for you.