Project Management

Project Management Guide

We have, here, the definitive guide to Project Management. Follow this and you won’t go far wrong.

So you think Project Management is easy?

Turning a Project Round

Project Management can be easy – as long as you know what you are doing.

So, what would you do if you were brought in to fix a Project that was going wrong? Here’s some advice for you.

Part 1 of Turning a Project Round – The Situation

Part 2 of Turning a Project Round – Estimating

Part 4 of Turning a Project Round – Coordination

Turning a Project round – The End Result

Estimating and Tracking a Project

The Estimating on a project is usually unscientific, finger-in-the air style. It is then forced down by management. The tracking is even worse.

Read these articles and know how to do it properly.

The Cost of Failed IT Projects

Why Projects Overrun – 11 Reasons why Projects Lose Money

Project Estimation on Successful Projects

Accurate Project Tracking for Successful Projects

Motivation on IT Projects

There’s no motivation for IT workers to finish their work ahead of schedule. If they do, they just get the next piece of work earlier. So, projects only get finished on time if every single task on the project by every single person working on the project gets finished on time.

That’s not very likely is it? And that’s the reason why projects are never finished ahead of schedule and very seldom on schedule.

You’ve got to change the mindset entirely. See how we changed it.

How to motivate People to finish ahead of Schedule

Project Managers

Do the right people get promoted to Project Manager. We discuss it in the next article and who what kind of PMs you want.

What type of Project Managers do we want?

Making a software system is like making a movie with little ‘clips’ being created and put together into a finished whole. So, why not run it more like the way a movie is made?

Running IT Projects the way Movies are Made

The Right Kind of Project Manager and Project Management

The Animal Liberation Movement once released a whole load of minks from a mink farm. Some minks just stayed in the safety of their cages even though the doors were open. Others did escape but came back at feeding time. Others stayed out but couldn’t adapt to the wild and died of hunger or were killed.

However, some stayed out, adapted to the wild and flourished. See what we make of that and how we related it to IT projects.

Selecting Project Managers – Category 4 Minks

As we said previously, there’s not much in it for IT workers to finish their tasks early. So, how do you motivate people on a project?

Rewarding Successful Projects

Rewarding Success on a Project

Motivating People – Black Dan Developers

One of the major causes of delays on a project are delays caused by the users or customers themselves. People don’t like to kick the hand that feeds them – but you must. Here’s how.

Cutting Out Delays caused by Customers

Increasing Productivity and Keeping Your Best people

Here’s how to increase productivity on a systems project.

Productivity through Motivation on a Software Project

How to stop lots of people leaving your organisation. How to keep them happy.

Keeping Your Best People – The Winter Holocaust

The same mistakes are made over and over again in projects in an IT department. This costs lots of time and money. Here’s how to stop that.

Learning from Mistakes

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