Contractor Mortgages Advice

Contractor Mortgages Advice

We give you our best contractor mortgages advice here.

Most contractors, when they want a mortgage walk into a high street bank. That is a huge mistake and we will explain why.

Specialist Contractor Mortgages
It is always better to use a specialist broker. They can get the best rates and the best offers.

95% Specialist Contractor Mortgages now available for all Contractors
Due to the Government’s Help to Buy scheme, contractors can now borrow up to 95% of their mortgages

Contractor Mortgages – why use a specialist broker
It’s imperative that contractors use a specialist broker to get a mortgage. They should not make the critical mistake of walking into a high street bank or building society and asking for one.

Contractor Mortgages – how long do you have to be a Contractor to get one?
Specialist brokers can get contractors offers on their very first day of their very first contract. Read more.

Contractor Mortgages – how much can you get?
It depends on a number of factors, which we explain. However, it is based on your contract rate annualised – and you don’t have to produce three years worth of accounts.

How quickly can you get Contractor Mortgages?
Using a specialist broker you can get a mortgage offer the very day your replied.

Contractor Mortgages for Umbrella Company Contractors

Limited Company or Umbrella Company Mortgages

Getting Contractor Mortgages as a Limited Company Contractor

Getting Contractor Mortgages as an Umbrella Company Contractor

Specialist Brokers

Whatever you do, get in contact with a specialist broker. If you don’t you will get a smaller offer and you might not get one at all if you have been contracting for less than three years.

Lenders never used to lend to contractors except on very onerous terms. However, specialist brokers have built up credibility with certain lenders over the years. That credibility enables them to get contractors the best offers at the best rates and all just on production of your contract.

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