IT Contractor Advice and News articles – our top 35 best read articles.

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Our Top 35 IT Contractor Articles of All Time

Here is the list of the best read articles on our website since our inception in 2002. The very top one wasn‘t written by me and the person is anonymous though he has emailed me.

Top Ten Advice Articles

113,815 – The IT Contract from Hell

26,673 – Top 10 Tricks used by Recruitment Agencies

16,360 – Ten Ways to Fail an Interview

14,535 – The best CV Advice I ever received

13,379 – IT Contractor Umbrella Company Guide

10,643 – The Key Attributes of an effective Project Manager

7,725 – The Killer Interview Question that only the Good Can Answer

7,492 – Six Common CV Mistakes that can Screw you up

11 To 20 Advice Articles

7,328 – Want to Invest in High Tech Companies?

7,102 – What to do when you have no job or money and owe a fortune

6,422 – Ten preparations to make before attending an Interview

6,224 – How to get a job – Ten Steps to give you a better chance

6,222 – The Seven Worst types of Employer to work for

6,107 – Ten Advantages of being a Contractor

5,872 – Contracting in Germany

5,698 – Thirteen Dirty Tricks that Clients get up to with Contractors

5,643 – Would you be better off working as an IT Recruiter?

21-30 Advice Articles

5,423 – Ten Dirty Tricks that Contractors get up to – an Agent

5,334 – A Career built purely on Bullshit

5,302 – How to get the most from a Failed Interview

5,290 – The Job Interview killer Question – Only 1 in 200 answered it

4,855 – The Ten Things an IT Contractor absolutely must know

4,851 – Seven Excuses to Explain why you have not worked for a while

4,506 – Unemployed IT Stories: Contractor CIO now picks Winkles on the shore for cash

4,483 – Why Indian Programmers are not good value

4,385 – Working in Ireland

4,292 – Unemployed IT Stories: Advice from a Discharged IT Bankrupt

31 to 35 Advice Articles

4.060 – My Experiences of working in IT with Foreigners – Indians

3,900 – Employer – How I short list 5 CVs from 100

3,895 – Which IT Accountant Should I use?

3,881 – Ten Ways to stay in a Contract for a long time

3,833 – Ten Reasons why clients are complete idiots

There are lots of other articles giving contractor advice on this website.