David Perrin – Accountant convicted for tax scam


David Perrin – Contractor Accountant

The courts have convicted David Perrin, a tax adviser at Vantis, for a £70m fraud.

They found him guilty of cheating the Revenue by submitting himself and others with false claims for tax relief. This gave false values for shares donated to charity.

Therefore, the court will sentence him on February 9th.

Tax Relief Scheme

He operated a scheme where taxpayers could give shares to charity. They would claim tax relief and enabling them to charge £2m in fees.

He tried to claim relief on company shares donated to charity of £70m when the shares were worth a fraction of that.

Taunted the Taxman

He changed the words of the Gloria Gaynor song I Will Survive to taunt the taxman about his successful scheme.

Included in it were the words “They should have changed that stupid law, they should have buggered charity, but they have left that lovely tax relief, for folks to pay to me.”

Vantis accountancy collapsed in 2010.

It looks like the taxman got the last laugh on David Perrin.