Aardvark Accounting Launch – New Accountants for the Technology Age

Aardvark Accounting

Aardvark Accounting Launch


Aardvark Accounting, a new accountancy company for the contract and small business market, saw its launch today. It combines modern technology with a personal service.

They aim to get the cost advantages of being mainly online, in terms of accounting software, but having a personal service too.

They will give freelancers the ease of completing records on the move with an app. Also, they break up the services that they offer into components so that contractors can put together the accountancy package that they need.

They will no longer have to pay for bundled services that they neither want nor need. You could, indeed, call it Object Oriented Accountancy.

Preparing for Make Tax Digital (MTD)

The online services will help freelancers and small businesses prepare for MTD (Make Tax Digital). Using apps allows Aardvark Accounting to keep their costs down so that they have time to provide that personal service that contractors often need and want.

However, because the service is component based, contractors can opt to have that the added extras they desire.  Making the service software-driven means that they can compete on price with any Accountancy firm in the marketplace.

They have come into this market as ‘disrupters’. It’s for those who are not technophobes and who are price conscious.

Technology is basically replacing the jobs that book keepers and junior accounts clerks are still doing for many accountancy companies. This frees up time for Aardvark’s Accountants to spend time advising contractors on how to grow their businesses.

Aardvark Accounting Apps
Aardvark Accounting Apps

Aardvark Accounting Apps

The Aardvark Accounting apps allow freelancers to:-

  1. Keep track of unpaid Invoices
  2. Send automatic reminders on their behalf
  3. Keep electronic copies of their receipts
  4. Fill out accounting info on the move instead of spending hours in front of their PCs doing their records
  5. Have automatic bank feeds.

Preparation of Contractors Annual Accounts

As part of the basic fee, freelancers can get their annual accounts prepared. Then they can add on any extra services that they want. If they don’t want some of them they don’t have to take them – and so don’t have to pay for unwanted services.

Contractors know more than anyone else that this is both the Age of Technology and the Information Age. After all, they profit from it. They know how you can cut costs by the use of technology.

Said Louisa Drewett of Aardvark Accounting, who has worked with small businesses for over 10 years:-

Aardvark Accounting - New Accountants for the Technology Age
Aardvark Accounting – New Accountants for the Technology Age

“We place a great deal of value in convenience, which is why we strive to provide the most innovative solutions to manage contractors accounts and provide accurate reports.

Online Accounting Software

“We have online accounting software, which will allow contractors to remain in control and up to date with their affairs 24/7.

“We know that contractors no longer want to pay their accountants to process their information. Instead they’d rather have a more in-depth conversation with us about making the most out of their business and have tailored advice.”

The service starts at £59 per month.

If you are curious about what service that they can provide, the options you can put together and what it will cost you, just click on Start Creating Your Perfect Package Today for more info or call 01425 471917 for a friendly chat.




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