A much cheaper way for IT Contractors to live away from home



We were sent this by the person who runs the website and we thought we might as well publish it as it might come in useful for IT Contractors or even just spark debate.

It is published free of charge.

Business Travel : The new way to stay

For some contractors, travel is considered to be a real perk, however for others it‘s a necessary evil.

Whether you‘re working as an independent or as part of a limited company, shelling out hundreds on sterile, overpriced hotels each week is inevitably going to take its toll on your bottom line.

That‘s probably why contractors are increasingly turning to websites like Crashpadder.com

This new breed of homestay site offers affordable accommodation in people‘s spare bedrooms.


The benefits are obvious. Shunning cookie-cutter hotels in favour of a friendly local‘s guest bedroom makes economical sense and is also a more sociable alternative.

Crashpads are typically 83% cheaper than hotels, with the average cost of Crashpadder‘s overnight accommodation in the UK standing at just £25.

The hotel industry may not be quaking in its boots just yet but the website‘s community is also growing rapidly; it boasts rooms in over 1,000 cities in 75 countries, with more than 1,200 rooms in Greater London alone.


Stephen Rapoport, a former contractor himself, stresses the difference between Crashpadder.com and various couchsurfing sites.

While other homestay sites offer little more than a spare sofa in a communal area, 95% of Crashpadder accommodation consists of private double bedrooms.

As such it has proven to be a real hit for those travelling with work, who seem to enjoy the quality of the rooms on offer as well as the opportunity to swap the mini-bar and pay-per-view TV for simple, human interaction.

Free To Join

It‘s free to join the community and to advertise your room on Crashpadder.com .

The site also allows you to message hosts directly before making a booking request.

To find out more about this exciting enterprise and to try it out for yourself simply visit Crashpadder.com and take a look at what‘s on offer.