A Greedy Contractor – by a Furious Recruiter

Greedy Contractor
Greedy Contractor

Greedy Contractor

This article, about a supposedly greedy contractor, comes from an Agent.
The views expressed are his own. Here you are:-

First Time Contractor

I had one chap who had never been contracting before asking for £32 per hour. I paid him £52 per hour and I was making 17.5% margin. Moreover, he was one of the highest paid crystal report writers I knew of at the time.

When it came to an extension, therefore, he got 10% of the margin we got from the last contract and a £250 re-signing bonus. It made him him nearly £1,000 for simply signing an extension. Contractors owned the agency.

Next Renewal

When the next renewal arose he had the cheek to say my margin was too high. He said, therefore, he should get a rate rise as all the other consultants working there told him their agents were only taking 10%. Yet he was still getting more than they were.

After the second extension and his constant moaning I lost my patience. So I pulled him from the job. I learned that contractors are all greedy, and replaced put in a consultant who was happy to be get £42 per hour. It increased my margin to £21 per hour.

IT Contractor Comment

Well, what do you think readers?

Do you agree with the recruiter that the guy was a greedy contractor. Or do you think he was perfectly within his rights to get the best deal he could from the agency?

Let’s hear from you!