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Which Contractor Umbrella Company

We received this from a reader who wants to know which contractor umbrella company he should pick and wants our advice on his decision.

Help Needed

I‘m wondering if you can help me.

I have recently become a contractor (not IT specifically) and for my first assignment I was paid via an agency which the company I worked for paid for.

So, I know that this isn‘t the norm and know that a contractor Umbrella company is probably the best way to go.

I am fairly risk averse at the moment as I‘m so new to the game

New Assignment

I‘ve just started a new assignment and would like to understand which contractor umbrella company is best for me?

Also, as a contractor, is there anything I can read which tells me what my responsibilities are, what tax breaks etc. there are when joining a contractor umbrella company?

Contractor Umbrella Company Needed Urgently

I have really gone into this blind and would love a little help if anyone can provide it

Hope to hear from you very soon – as I wont get paid otherwise!

Thanks for you help in advance.

(Name supplied)

ITContractor Reply

I’m sure readers can give you some advice but also look at our review of Umbrella Companies in Which Umbrella Company. You can find some good advice there.

Check out also our Umbrella Company Service Directory at Umbrella Company Service Directory which contains a list of umbrella companies which may suit your needs.

Also, look at our Umbrella Company sub-section which has articles about Umbrella Companies here:-
Umbrella Company News

You can find out lots of useful information pertaining to UK Umbrella Companies there.

The choice is between operating through a Limited Company (or Personal Service Company), an onshore umbrella company or an offshore umbrella company.

Choose which is right for you.

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If you do need an umbrella company you could try one of the following:-

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