Failed Interviews – Ten ways to fail an interview

Failed Interviews
Failed Interviews

Failed Interviews

Failed Interviews – Ten Ways to Fail an Interview was written by Gerry McLaughlin.

Contractors find many ways to fail interviews. Here are some of the main reasons why contractors or interims fail them.

1. Get there late.

2. Don‘t swat up on your CV so that when they ask you what you did at Company X, you‘re going to have to say you don‘t remember.

3. When you get to Reception be a bit terse with the receptionist who you feel is not being quick enough in letting your interviewer know that you have arrived. Failed interviews can happen right from the start.

4. Wear a flash suit and clothes. Wear a Cartier watch and lots of jewellery.

Don’t Prepare for Interview

5. Don‘t swat up on the skills they want from you, but which you haven‘t used for a while. You‘ll look really dumb when you can‘t answer the simplest of technical questions. Saying that you‘re sure that you‘ll pick it up again quickly won‘t get you the job.

6. Moan a lot about IR35, Fast Track Visa workers, previous companies and employers, and the plight of contractors in general. Failed interviews are full of these type of remarks.

7. Look bored when they tell you about their company, yawn from time to time, and say that you‘ve no questions to ask when they are finished.

Tell the Interviewers Lots of Your Weaknesses

Failed Interviews
Failed Interviews

8. When they ask your weaknesses, make a list of them from the fact that you get in late after a night on the booze, that your programs are normally late and fall over often in systems testing, that you don‘t get on with people too well, and that you normally know more than your boss.

9. Have a really irritating laugh. People with this characteristic are probably among the most discriminated against people in the world.

10. Say you are on the Board of the Professional Contractors Group (now called IPSE).

Well, those are ten ways that failed interviews happen. If you have any more stick them in the Comments section below.

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