How I select IT Contractor candidates for Interview by IT Client

Contractor candidates
Contractor candidates

Contractor Candidates

This article about selecting contractor candidates is by m@t In reply to one of our articles.

Skill List

For IT Contracts I just want to see the skill list.

If it seems suitable, I’ll look closer.

I know it’s a contract role, so I don’t mind seeing skills on the list that aren’t relevant, as long as the ones that are relevant are listed.

For permie roles, therefore, you must customise the CV to show me that you do match what I’m looking for. Making your CV stand out in any way makes you a more interesting prospect.

Selection Process for Contractor Candidates

I only use a few agencies.

So, if I receive a CV twice, from agencies on my approved list, then whoever got it to me first is the agency I deal with.

However, if I receive a CV from an agency out of the blue, it doesn’t get read.

So I think it makes sense to get your CV out to a good number of agencies.

And don’t send me anything longer than 3 pages. I get bored easily.

If I receive CVs from individuals out of the blue, I will be examine them, but only if I have a current requirement.

Otherwise I don’t read them.



ITContractor Comment

This article from a reader about how he selects contractor candidates for interview is very interesting information for IT Contractors. It’s always useful to get an insight into how clients select contractor candidates for interview.

Of course different clients may use different methods for selecting candidates, so one must be careful how much one reads into the comments of just one client.

It can be added to other information that you have.

Have you ever asked at interview how they selected the contractor candidates for interview?

If you did that at every interview you could build up quite a good picture that could be worth tens of thousands of pounds to you in the future.

I’m sure that the interviewers would be quite happy to tell you.

They do like to talk, don’t they.

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