Recruitment Agents Calls – Great advice for handling calls from agents

Recruitment Agents Calls
Recruitment Agents Calls

Recruitment Agents Calls to Contractors

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If you tell another agent about a job prospect you are literally Guaranteeing that you won‘t get the job.

You might just as well tell the client to get lost- ‘cos that‘s what the agent will tell the client you did to all your other clients.

Of course, when agents call you they will all whinge about not being told where you‘re working or when you‘re available – don‘t fall for it. They don‘t need to know UNTIL you are available.

Simple Rule

There’s one simple rule.

Don‘t be rude to anyone, but when on contract don‘t take calls from any agent except the one you work for.

Buy a mobile and use it exclusively for agency contact. Then switch it off while you‘re on contract and only give your current agent your other mobile number. Leave the answering machine on at home.

If you take calls from other agents it won‘t help you at all.

You won‘t be able to avoid their well planned questions and if you answer at all they will glean what they want to know from it and it will probably contribute to you being out of work earlier than you otherwise would be.

Need to Know Business

It‘s a ‘need to know‘ business and nobody needs to know your business. Don‘t even tell ex-colleagues where you‘re working and tell the wife not to talk to agents too.

I once had an agent grilling my eleven year old nephew (who answered my home phone while I was in the garden) for about fifteen minutes about where I was working. You just wouldn‘t believe what these people get up to.

They are all desperados so just don‘t give them any space at all.

When a recruitment agent calls don’t tell them anything.

If you do you‘ll regret it.

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