Dirty Tricks Played by IT Contractors on IT Agents

Dirty Tricks Played
Dirty Tricks Played

Dirty Tricks Played by IT Contractors on IT agents was written by an agent.

Dirty Tricks Played

My pet hate is when a contractor:-

1. agrees a rate with agent/client A,
2. signs contract and agrees start date,
3. in the meantime s/he attends another interview with agent/client B and is offered a higher rate.
4. Contractor then tries to re-negotiate with Client A and play the two off against each other.

Whilst I have no objection to contractors negotiating the best deal for their own Ltd companies I think it’s extremely unprofessional to do this once you have signed up.

The common view has been that there were loads of agencies so it didn’t matter p*****g a few off.

The problem is the end client then thinks contractors are unprofessional and unethical, and are wary next time round, that’s if there is a next time.

More Dirty Tricks Played

My other pet hate has been contractors going behind your back to the end client and negotiating their own contract.

I once had this happen, although I did laugh when the client didn’t pay the contractor 3 months money and he tried to get it out of me, claiming he was really working via us.

Taking jobs at client‘s sites where you put them in before, even though there is a clause in their contract that says that they can‘t work there for X amount of time without going through you.

They deny it point-blank when you ask them.

Other Dirty Tricks Played

Another pet hate is contractors falsely overselling themselves on Their CVs.

Yet another is when we tell contractors about a client, and they then ask you not to put them forward because they don’t like the client and then go direct through their own little agency.

Yes, IT contractors often accuse agencies of dirty tricks played on them. However, they are up to all the dodges themselves when it comes to filthy practices.

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