Outsourced Employment – 86% Returns on Umbrella Companies

Outsourced Employment for contractors
Outsourced Employment for contractors

Outsourced Employment

You can retain up to 86% of the money you earn using Outsourced Employment.

That’s a lot better than you would get if you were using a normal PAYE umbrella company where you would normally keep around 60% only.

Both of the above are after taking out tax and National Insurance.

All this is based onshore in the UK.

It is an excellent solution that allows contractors to keep more of their money. A team of qualified chartered accountants guarantees this. Contractors don’t have to worry about the IR35 and other legislation.

Tailored Solutions for Contractors

The way that they do it is to tailor each solution to indivdiual contractors. The solution will be one that is perfect for each contractor taking into account their particular circumstances and requirements.

As with a normal umbrella company, the contractor has employee status. The responsibility for paying taxes etc. is with the Outsourced Employment provider company.

The provider does everything for the contractor as with a normal umbrella and all they have to worry about is having a successful contracting career.

Tax and National Insurance

Your employer (the Outsourced Eumployment provider company) is responsible for your PAYE and NIC.

They deduct your NI and tax. They process your payments, normally on the same day. It’s always within one day of receipt.
All payments are via the UK banking system so there are no delays.The terms of employment are clear. You are not subject to IR35, AWR or MSC or EBT legislation.

An efficient and friendly team take acre of all your payroll and employment requirements.

You do the contracting and they do all the admin for you.

Fully Employed

Your agency will be pleased to know that you are fully employed and receive a salary. They will have nor worries about IR35 legislation etc.

If you want to keep up to 86% of your income whilst getting all your admin done for you, fill in the Enquiry form below and one of the Outsourced Employment’s friendly team will be in touch to explain the benefits to you.

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