7 Reasons Why Employees should thank IT Contractors

thank IT Contractors
thank IT Contractors

Thank IT Contractors

Employees should thank IT contractors 7 times over.

1. Contractors save employees their jobs.

Any time there is a downturn in the economy or a company’s fortunes, they cut back on IT staff – and the contractors almost always go first.

2. If full-time workers ever need any extra money, then the opportunity is always there for them.

If contracting disappeared then so would that opportunity.

3. Cross Pollination – Contractors bring new ideas and techniques from other sites.

They also upgrade the skills of the permanent employees.

No Office Politics

4. Contractors are generally happy just to do the work and not get involved in office politics, which makes for an easier office atmosphere.

5. Having contractors on the site gives full-time employees a much better and quicker chance of promotion. So, they should thank IT Contractors for that.

Many IT departments have their full-time staff at junior and senior management level, and have contractors or permies with less than two years experience doing the development work.

Useful Knowledge About Jobs Market

6. Contractors can pass on lots of useful knowledge and experience of the jobs market.

In fact permanent employees often take their first step on the road to becoming a contractor by approaching one of the contractors on the site.

7. Being able to ‘boss around’ guys much older than yourself is good for your morale and self-esteem.

It looks good also, when your wife, friends, or senior management come to the office.

It looks as though you are an up-and-comer, who is overtaking people on the way up.

The visitors won’t necessarily know they are contractors.

Seven Good Reasons

So, there’s seven reasons why permanent employees should than IT Contractors. I am sure you can think of lots more reasons why they should thank IT Contractors.

If you can, just stick them in the Comments section below for our readers to see.

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