7 Golden Rules for IT Contractors

Golden Rules for IT Contractors
Golden Rules for IT Contractors

Golden Rules for IT Contractors

There are seven golden rules that IT Contractors need to know about.

A reader posted this as comments after one of our articles but I think the advice is worth its own article.

Rules for Contractors to Live By

So, guys, here are rules to live by as a contractor:-

1. NEVER work without a counter-signed contract in your hands. You never know why the agency have been stalling. It could be that the agency has a different agreement with the client than they have with you. I’ve seen agencies tell contractors they have a six month contract when they have only a 6 week one with the client.

2. NEVER work when you are not being paid. Immediately demand and threaten to leave to the agency, and follow through. Agencies going bust always have great excuses for not paying the contractor.

3. NEVER provide references until after you have been interviewed. Agencies usually only ask for them so that they can contact that lead to sell contractos to them. They may even put spmeone up against you at your next renewal.

Golden Rules of IT Contracting
Golden Rules of IT Contracting – if you want to get rich

4. NEVER accept a last minute reduced rate for a contract when you have been forwarded and interviewed based on that rate. The agency are usually trying just to increase their margins. If it does happen to be true let them cuttheir margin.

5. NEVER tell an agency where-else you are interviewing. All they want to really know is who is looking for contractors.

6. NEVER tell an agency your bosses name, excpet as a reference after interview. again, all the really want is the contact.

7. NEVER let contacts (many of whom are agencies) see your contact list on LinkedIn – change the settings

Note:- Always be polite when saying no to agencies and clients, they are people too, but always follow the golden rules and they will serve you well.