Jobless Contractors – 7 Excuses for why you’ve not worked for a while

Jobless Contractors
Jobless Contractors

Jobless Contractors

Jobless contractors often have a problem when they are looking for contracts.

It is difficult to explain away those gaps in the CV – especially the current gap. Here are seven excuses to use.

Around the World

Say, therefore, you‘ve been around the world for a year as one of your excuses. You‘d meant to do it for a long time but when the downturn started you decided to take the opportunity.

So, you‘re now back ready to go for it.

Make sure you have a tan (fake or not). Don‘t look miserable, and do some study on the destinations you‘ve been to. If you name somewhere the interviewer has been to, say that your bus didn‘t stop long there and it just drove through the outskirts.

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Set Up Internet Site

You took some time off to build your own internet site, which went well in terms of traffic but didn‘t bring in the income you‘d hoped for. You‘ve closed it down now (in case they check) and sold the name off.

It was something you had to do but you‘ve got it out of your system now and are ready to go for it again (refreshed).

Try to make sure that you picked up skills that will be useful to your client company.

Did Charity Work

You took time off to do charity work for a very good cause. I won‘t be flippant here by suggesting any here, but I‘m sure you can work it out for yourself.

Perhaps you built them an internet system using some useful skills or dug a well out in deepest Africa.

Been In Hospital

You recuperated in hospital and at home after a nasty accident (don‘t make it a nasty disease). If you could make it a hang gliding (or other outdoor activity) accident this would be bonus points for you.

You are fully recuperated (and refreshed) and you used your time wisely by swatting up on your main skills (which your client uses).

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Software Set Up

A friend of yours (or better still a family member) was setting up a new business, and you took time out to write the software for it. You will be paid for it out of future profits and in company shares.

The business has started very well and they have now sufficient funds to hire a young graduate to look after the software side of it.

It was an interesting experience for you but now you are back ready (and refreshed) to resume your contracting career.

A change is as good as a rest!

Bought Property

You bought some property in Scotland or Ireland and it burned down. Then you had to take some time off to deal with the insurance and the rebuilding. The insurance company compensated ypu for your time off.

It‘s all sorted now and the property sold (for a profit) and you are now available again (refreshed) to resume work.

Sick Family Member

For those of you of a less scrupulous nature, you had to take some time off to nurse a family member back to full recovery (wife or husband is best).

If one of the interviewers is a women, you can lay it on a little thicker.

Best of All

The best of all for jobless contractors who are out of work is to have no excuse at all. Simply put in your CV that you‘ve been working for a small company (a mate of yours). Give his, or her, phone number.

The agency doesn‘t care where the reference comes from as long as they can tell the client that they got one.

Note:- We‘re not advising that you do this – only saying that it works.

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