20 Stone IT woman slept her way into IT Manager Role

Slept Her Way
Slept Her Way to management position

Slept Her Way

These tales, including the 20-stone woman who slept her way to the top, was put in the comments section after one of our articles The People I Have Despised Most in IT.

My Own Despised People

How about these people I have despised over a 15 year period:

Despised - People I Have Hated
Despised – People I Have Hated as an IT Contractor

1: There was a complete and utter headcase who had no previous IT knowledge yet had somehow through personal contacts become a senior support person on a trade floor as the manager could not see beyond his personal friendship. The guy was taking advantage of that. He was completely unsuitable to the role and was lacking any relevant technical or interpersonal skills. That didn’t stop him from screwing up though.

When the manager was not around he would flex his power (he had none BTW) and get all the contractors to do the jobs he hated (everything which involved trader interaction basically). He would turn nasty when you questioned him or challenged him about his unpleasant manner and his unreasonable attitude.

Slept Her Way to IT Manager

2: There was one lady who slept her way to the IT manager position and gave the best roles to those who flirted with her (she was a beached whale well over 20 stone with the face to match).

There are many more in my experience. Indeed, most contracts that I have been on contain staff/colleagues you would rather avoid and whom you have to accommodate with their lack of humanity and lack of a skill set which I guess is why contractors earn every £ of their rates AFAIC.

worst office pests
5 worst office pests

By the way most of those people that I would rather avoid are permanent employees.

There seems to be a jealousy of freelancers by some who should be motivating them to work productively rather than demotivating them.

IT Contractor Comment

Does anyone else have a tale of people they have worked with whom they have despised?

Use the Comments section below.

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    1. I worked with someone who was unassailable because she was romantically involved with my manager’s manager. That was at the same time she was organising her wedding to someone else. She could not program, for example she didn’t know that statements after “return” in a function are not executed, and it puzzled me how she had gotten a degree. Her husband-to-be got a little drunk at a company event and confessed that he had done all her homework while they were at university.

      She was dishonest in other ways too. I returned from my holiday to find that my manager and I had gotten new computers and new monitors. Except that she now had my new monitor and I had her old one.


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